How to Take Care of Nails to Stay Healthy

Nails often forget to look after their health. In fact, it’s not hard to take care of your nails to stay healthy and grow well.

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Caring for your nails doesn’t seem to be your daily or even mandatory activity. Hand and foot nails are often overlooked and even completely ignored and cleanliness and health. In fact, it is not difficult to care for your nails to stay healthy and grow well.

If the fingernails and feet are rarely cleaned, it is not impossible to cause dirt to stick, accumulate, and cause various diseases. Call it brittle nails, broken, and fungal infections.

Now, to avoid these conditions, here are some ways you can take care of your nails:

Trim nails regularly

Long nails can become a den of germs gathered. Explained by Dr. Sepriani Timurtini Limbong from KlikDokter that long nails will be more difficult to manage and clean than short, neat nails.

“Cut long nails regularly and miser the ends so that they are not too sharp and piercing other finger joints. Nails that are too long have the potential to cause infection due to bacteria that live in it. Long nails are also more at risk of breaking which eventually makes the nail become wound and slender, “explained dr. Sepriani

Don’t let your nails get wet

Nails that are wet and not dried properly can be a place of bacteria that cause mold to live. Because of this, it is recommended that you use rubber gloves when washing dishes or clothes to avoid chemicals that can damage your nails.

Not only that, you can also use a moisturizer made specifically for nails so that the nails grow healthier and keep moisture moist.

Don’t use nail polish too often

“In addition to making nails unhealthy, using nail polish too often can also cause dry nails and make nail layers thinner. The color can turn yellow and even black, “said Dr. Sepriani

This happens because the nails easily absorb chemicals, including those contained in nail polish. Therefore, let the nail “breathe” after the use of nail polish. You can re-apply nail polish after 2-3 months of previous use.

Soak nails in lemon juice

According to Dr. Adeline Jaclyn, soaking hands with warm lemon juice or salt water, can improve nail health. For more complete treatment, you can also give a few drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil.

Avoid nail biting

Besides being called “dirty” by those around you, nail biting can also cause damage to the nails and teeth. Do not stop there, nail biting also has the potential to cause harmful germs to enter and infect your body.

In addition to the above methods, nutrient intake is also no less influential on the health of your nails. Iron, zinc, vitamin C and biotin have been clinically proven to maintain the health and strength of nails. You can find the combination of these nutrients in eggs, fish, meat, grains, nuts, salmon, and also sweet potatoes.

Not difficult is not caring for nails to stay healthy? So, take care of your nail health from now on. Besides being unsightly, dirty and unhealthy nails can also be a place for germs to nest!